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Real estate and outsourcing construction

The property and construction sectors are subject to complex regulations and require, apart from legal knowhow, an understanding of the technical circumstances, not least as regards the building and planning processes. We have extensive experience of these sectors and help can you with all your needs, big and small, no matter if you are involved in building a house, managing a commercial trading property or developing land in a new urban district.


We are particularly specialised in the following areas:


  • The acquisition and sale of properties and real estate companies.
  • Advising owners of office and residential premises and their tenants.
  • Assisting in leasing disputes before rent tribunals and general courts.
  • Assistant in disputes concerning property, construction and construction contracts.
  • The conversion of rental properties to housing associations, including the attestation of financial plans.
  • The production of zoning proposals and planning permission applications.
  • Advising contractors, customers, consultants, inspectors, real estate agents, housing associations etc. on all manner of construction and property-related issues.
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